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Gero Jansen


Even though times have changed, in contrast to the early 90s, there is still a core that attaches great importance to the true culture of techno. Clearly Gero is one of them. The music is in the foreground for him. The business behind it, which has developed more and more in the wrong direction over the years, rather causes sickness, because many have forgotten the true meaning. With Gero you know, he does what he does with his heart and soul and out of love for music. Gero's motto is: Who dances techno, can understand it. If you don't understand it, you have to keep your mouth shut. Techno is a way of life! 

Gero Jansen sees the light of day in the early 90s. A heart rate of 127 bpm, a magic number it will be telling. At the tender age of 7, Gero started to learn his first instrument. Shortly afterward, he played his first concerts, but it is not enough for him to play other musician’s work. He wants more, namely to compose his own music. 

In his youth, it is the sound synthesis, which gives him an appearance of perfection. He begins to deal intensively with electronic music and its creation. Initial projects arise where he tried different genres and eventually he found himself in the field of techno again. The first gigs did not take long in coming. 


Despite many nights in various clubs, he still finds the time to drive his own productions ahead and to create a unique sound. The motivation

for this is his love for music.

In 2020 Gero Jansen starts strongly with his track Close your Eyes on Steve Mulder's Orange Recordings. Orange Recordings is one of the leading techno labels worldwide. The track entered the Beatport Charts after only 2 days and stayed there for over 4 weeks. Best position was #7.

In 2019 Gero Jansen starts with his first own EP on "Carl Cox" "Intec Digital. His EP "Changing was totally sucessful and entered the beatport techno top 100 tracks for 11 days on place 76 and in Techno Album Charts TOP 10 for 2 weeks. The EP is played, charted and supported by many established artists like "Carl Cox" "Drumcomplex"; "Cosmic Boys", "Mladen Tomic", "Mark Green", "Aardy" just to name a few.


Two month later. "Julian Brand" & "Gero Jansen" release their EP "Your Love" on the Italian label "Redrum Music", which is organized by "Dema." This EP has much organiasation and conception time, but the result is absolutly amazing.

Shortly thereafter Julian Brand's and Gero Jansen's contribution to "Wild Cards 04" is released on "Rob Hes' " label "Pursuit". The track is called "Breaking Good" and had huge early support from well known artists like "Pleasurekraft", "Enrico Sangiuliano", "Karotte", "Victor Ruiz", "Gabriel Anada" and many more. Maybe this is one of the reason why the Compilation jumped on place #59 in the beatport techno album charts only after three days. 

In December Gero Jansen returns to "Rob Hes" label "Pursuit" with a hidden gem drenched in analog flavor, beside Heerhorst, Elusive Mind, Duss, Steve Slight and AudioVirus. "Out of Space"  got huge support and feedback from the producer of the year 2019 - "Enrico Sanguliano", "Mladen Tomic", "Markantonio", "Ramiro Lopez", "James Zambiela", "Karotte", "SAMA" & "Rob Hes".

In 2018 Gero Jansen makes his due to the "Ruthless, Vol. 1" with his track "Essence" on "Cristian Varela's" mighty "Pornographic Records" beside great artists like: Axel Karakasis, Ian Axide, TKNO, Cristian Varela, Frank Kvitta, FAC3OFF, Novatek [ES], RanchaTek, Vlokken &B Adoo

Later in the year, to be exact at the end of November, Gero Jansen just released on "Aitor Ronda's" new label "Upfront Records" with a huge 2 track EP, called "Titan". 

There are also various Gero Jansen remixes on labels like "EE-Records" for Artists like Ryan Pharell beside remixers like Angy Kore, Linus Quick

In 2017 Gero Jansen and Benijo's EP "Nelou" is released on "Einfach nur Techno Digital".

Later in this year his five Track EP "Molekular" is released on Fernanda Martins & Lucas Freire's label "Devotion Records".

There are also various Gero Jansen remixes on labels like "Drakos Recordings", "Infamous Tracks" & "EE-Records" for Artists like Efren Kairos, 2Vibe, Spec X and many more

In 2016 Gero Jansen's Remix of "Harvey Mckay - Wrong Turn" 

is released on "Carl Cox'" label "Intec Digital". 

Shortly after that, his EP "Movement" is released on "EE-Records".

In October Gero Jansen makes his contribution with his friend Joaquin Perez for the "ADE" with "Hold me" on "Sonika Music"

In November Gero Jansen makes his due to the "PURE INTEC 3 Compilation" beside 32 other Tracks from Artists like: 

Marco Bailey, Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati, Jon Rundell, Saeed Younan, Misstress Barbara, D-Unity, Matt Sassari, Kasbah Zoo, OniWax, Nicole Moudaber, Harvey McKay, Sidney Charles, Steve Mulder, Victor Calderone, Amadeas, 999, Carlo Lio, Copy Paste Soul, Josh Wink, Ramiro Lopez, Thomas Gandey, Drumcomplex, Roel Salemink, Dosem, The Junkies, Danny Serrano, Stephan Hinz, Philipp Ruhmhardt, Ian O'Donovan, Tomy DeClerque, DJ Jock, Alex Costa, Fabio Neural, Cristian Varela

In Dezember Gero Jansen & Joaquin Perez' EP "No Limit" is released about Alex Rouks label "Sonika music".


There are also various Gero Jansen remixes on labels like "BluFin", "SBERT Records", "District Underground" and "EE-Records" in this year for Artists like Lutzenkirchen and many more.

In 2015, Gero Jansen's EP "IS YOU" is released on the German label "Sound of Techno Records".

Shortly after that, he continues with the EP "Lullaby", which is published on Aitor Ronda's label "Drakos Recordings".

There are also various Gero Jansen remixes on labels like "Oxytech Records" and "911 Records" in this year.

In 2014, he achieved initial success with his first EP "Emergency", which is released on the label "DOPE", a sub-label of "DSR Digital". 


To sum up, Gero Jansen is an insider tip in terms of underground techno. We can only wonder what he will release next few years. At the moment it is unknown but one thing is certain: it will be great!

Label affilations:

Intec Digital, Pornographic Recordings, Pursuit, Devotion Records, SBERT Records, BluFin Records, Redrum Music, Drakos Recordings, Upfront Records, District Underground, Sonika Music, Sound of Techno, DOPE, 911 Recordings, Oxytech Records, Einfach nur Techno Records, EE-Records

Discography (A-Z):

Bukowski-Live, Heilbronn (🇩🇪)

Café Central, Weinheim (🇨🇿)

Culteum, Karlsruhe (🇩🇪)
Chapeau Rouge, Prague (🇨🇿)
Drifters Club, Freiburg im Breisgau (🇩🇪)
Erdbeermund, Karlsruhe (🇩🇪)
Four Runners Club, Ludwigsburg (🇩🇪)
Gotec Club, Karlsruhe (🇩🇪)
Halle 101, Speyer (🇩🇪)
Homebase, Ludwigshafen (🇩🇪)
Hype Club, Stuttgart (🇩🇪)
Loft, Ludwigshafen (🇩🇪)
MS Connexion, Mannheim (🇩🇪)
Privé Club, Ludwigshafen (🇩🇪)
ToY Club Stuttgart (🇩🇪)
Watergate Berlin (🇩🇪)

Ganz weit draußen, Steinbruch Sinsheim (🇩🇪)
PIT Lane Festival, Hockenheimring Hockenheim (🇩🇪)

Rheingrün Open Air, Rheinstrandbad Daxlanden (🇩🇪)
Tanz der Bässe, Biedesandbäder Lampertheim (🇩🇪)
Winter World , DM-Arena Karlsruhe (🇩🇪)

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